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Supporting Quality Music Education in Canada
Soutien de la qualité de l’éducation musicale au Canada

Sing From Your Heart by Robert de Frece
Commissioned by Carl Orff Canada in Celebration of its 40th Anniversary

Honorary Member and Contributing Editor Robert de Frece was commissioned by Carl Orff Canada to produce a song to celebrate our forty years as an association.  Sing From Your Heart is the wonderful result.  Those of you attending the Ensemble conference in Halifax this April will hear a thrilling performance of the song.  In the meantime we encourage you to perform this in your own school in conjunction with a regular performance, Music Monday celebration, or simply as a class activity.  In 2014, let’s “sing from our hearts” from coast to coast to coast!

To access the full score, please click on this link

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Children playing Xylophones
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Music for Children - Carl Orff Canada - Musique pour enfants is a national organization of over 1000 music educators, dedicated to teaching an exciting and invigorating approach to music education. Founded in 1974 by Professor Doreen Hall of the University of Toronto, Carl Orff Canada has grown to include regional and local chapters throughout the country, as increasing numbers of music educators and administrators realize the potential of this dynamic approach to music education.
Music for Children - Carl Orff Canada - Musique pour enfants est un organisme national de plus de 1 000 membres, enseignants en musique, qui se consacre à une approche dynamique et stimulante de l’éducation musicale. Fondé en 1974 par la professeure titulaire Doreen Hall de l’Université de Toronto, Carl Orff Canada s’est développé à travers des chapitres locaux et régionaux dans tout le pays au fur et à mesure que les enseignants et administrateurs ont compris le potentiel de cette approche en éducation musicale.
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